CHE 1800 General Chemistry I

A comprehensive study of the facts, concepts and laws of chemistry, taught from an atoms-first perspective. This course meets the requirements of students majoring in chemistry, medicine, medical technology, biology, physics and other fields requiring a strong background in chemistry.

CHE 2100 Intro to Organic and Biological Chemistry

This course encompass the chemical foundations of almost every process that we encounter in our daily lives. Students learn basic organic chemistry structures, names and reactions, as well as biomolecules and processes involved in biochemical pathways. Special emphasis on nutrition, medicine and brewing science.

CHE 3710 Criminalistics II

This course is an introduction to forensic biology/biochemistry including identification of body fluids with an in depth focus on the techniques and instrumentation used to extract, quantify and analyze DNA for forensics.

CHE 4310 Biochemistry I

This course is an introduction to the chemistry of living systems with emphasis placed on metabolism, bioenergetics, molecular strategy and regulation. Applications to the related fields of nutrition, human physiology and medicine are stressed.

CHE 4350 Biochemistry Laboratory

This course introduces the basic techniques and instrumentation of biochemical research. Students will keep a laboratory notebook and write about their results in one or more laboratory reports, formatted in the style of an academic biochemistry journal.

CHE 4390 Advanced Biochemistry Laboratory

A course-based undergraduate research experience, focused on the techniques and instrumentation used in biomedical research to study an RNA virus. Students design and conduct hypothesis-driven research about viral RNA structures that hijack cellular protein synthesis machinery upon infection, with near-peer mentoring from trainees and staff in the RNA Bioscience Initiative (RBI) at the University of Colorado, School of Medicine.

CHE 4700/4710 Criminalistics Internships I & II

CHE 4700 is a laboratory internship experience for criminalistics majors, CHE 4710 is a laboratory internship experience for chemistry majors with a concentration in criminalistics.

CHE 490C Chemistry of Therapeutics

The lecture class is intended to be a hybrid seminar and collaborative lecture series exploring the tightly knit relationship between organic chemistry and biochemistry as it applies to a wide range of therapeutics in current medical technology. The class will explore both targeted synthetic strategies as well as the pharmacological effects of each therapeutic. The lecture series will examine classically targeted metabolic pathways and explore novel therapeutics spanning infectious disease and psychopharma to experimental drugs at the forefront of medical treatment.

CHE 4950/4960 Senior Experience in Chemistry/Biochemistry

This is a capstone experience for students seeking a major in chemistry or biochemistry. The course consists of literature research in conjunction with a chemistry faculty member, concluding with the submission of a lay summary as well as a research plan on some area of chemistry and a presentation of the research plan to the Chemistry Department.